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Universal Data Logger

We offer Universal data logger, which is demanded as the most popular as well as highly flexible products. Supplied versatile device can be designed via software to measure current, thermocouples, voltage, and pressure. This is an electronic device, which has been made to monitor and record the data, automatically. It has been featured with the sensor to obtain the information. It is also featured with a computer chip for advanced level of storage. This product is all about advanced functionality and extended service life. This is a compact as well as relatively low-priced stand-alone recorder which can record as well as monitor the real-time data such as temperature, voltage and some others. We provide this logger at a competitive rate.

Universal Data Logger Features:

1. Multiple Input Channels: Universal data loggers typically offer a variety of input channels to connect to various types of sensors and measurement devices. These can include analog inputs (for voltage, current, temperature, etc.), digital inputs (for on/off or pulse signals), and communication ports (RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet) for interfacing with external devices.

2. Sensor Compatibility: The data logger should support a wide range of sensors, allowing users to measure diverse parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, voltage, current, light, and more. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various research or monitoring requirements.

3. High Sampling Rate and Resolution: The data logger should be capable of recording data at a high sampling rate and with excellent resolution to capture rapid changes and fine details in the measured parameters.

4. Data Storage: Universal data loggers usually come with sufficient internal memory or external storage options (like SD cards or USB drives) to store the recorded data. Some may even have cloud storage capabilities for remote access and backup.

5. Real-time Clock: A built-in real-time clock helps timestamp the data accurately, allowing users to correlate the recorded information with specific time periods.

6. Battery or External Power: Universal data loggers can operate on internal batteries, making them portable and suitable for remote or temporary installations. They may also support external power options for continuous, long-term monitoring.

7. Display and User Interface: Many data loggers come with a built-in display to show real-time data, configuration settings, and system status. They also offer user-friendly interfaces to configure the device and analyze the collected data.

8. Connectivity Options: Data loggers often have multiple communication interfaces such as USB, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi, enabling data transfer to computers or other devices for further analysis and visualization.

9. Alarm and Notification: Advanced data loggers may have alarm capabilities, triggering alerts (e.g., email notifications, SMS) when data goes beyond user-defined thresholds or when specific events occur.

10. Data Logging Software: The data logger may come with proprietary or third-party software for data visualization, analysis, and exporting. Some devices can integrate with existing software or platforms used in the industry.

11. Durability and Environmental Resistance: Universal data loggers designed for various applications should be rugged and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and water.

12. Calibration and Accuracy: Accurate measurements are crucial for reliable data. Many data loggers provide calibration options or support calibrated sensors to ensure precise readings.

13. Compliance and Standards: Depending on the industry and application, some data loggers may adhere to specific standards, certifications, or compliance requirements.

Universal Data Logger 1600D-PMH

  • Color:White And Black
  • Alarm:No
  • Display Type:LED
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Material:MS
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
Price: 29750 INR/Piece

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